Monday, April 9, 2012

Superbowl Experience

One of the neat things about the Superbowl being in town was the NFL experience and the NFL village as you saw where we walked around at night.

This is the JW Marriott they built just for the superbowl with a really neat graphic.

This is the zip line down Illinois street was one of the most popular attractions.  If you didn't pre-order tickets, you most likely didn't to ride on zip line.  This is the start tower.

We again perused the the village and saw one of the hand carved ice sculptures.

Once we got inside the NFL experience there was so much to do and see but there were so many people and the lines were super long.  We all did get to do one of the passing games.  I was terrible at it for sure.  Rebecca and Jay were the best, by far!

Jay and I went and got our group some food and while we were on our way, I got a picture of Jay dressed as his favorite team, the Dolphins.

Inside the experience they had lockers representing all the teams and Devon Hester's was representing the Bears.

But what I was most excited to see was the Vince Lombardi trophy.  We got our pictures taken with it and then you went online and could download the picture for free.

We also got to see all the Superbowl rings from all the different superbowls.

And they also had the logo from the draft.  Too bad I didn't get my picture in front of it.

What great fun with friends.  So glad we got to have this experience of being in a Superbowl city!

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