Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Indiana State Fair

In August Crowe had a team building day in which everyone was given a half day off and free admission to the state fair.  It was a beautiful day and lunch and fair food were a great idea!

We walked all over in and out of livestock buildings but came to a dead hault when I read this.

And this was laying below the sign.

Holy cow that is one big boar!!  I have trouble seeing how the thing even can stand or walk!  We kept walked and ended up on the midway with the carnival rides and decided we needed to have a group bumper car experience.  I was a little hesitant to get in bumper cars with my coworkers but soon people were slamming into each other and were chasing people around.  It was highly entertaining. 

A few quasi blurry moving pictures.

Hopefully next year Darren and I will be able to go, it was much more fun that expected!

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Jayna said...

That sounds like a super fun work outing!