Thursday, January 26, 2012

Florida - Animal Kingdom

Darren was not excited about going to Disney but he did suggest the Animal Kingdom knowing how much I like zoo type places and because neither of had been there.  Now when the Avatar land is done, we'll have to go back! :)

The Tree of Life was neat.

But the highlight of the day was the animal safari.  I'd have to say it makes me want to go to Africa badly and do a real safari!

See the baby elephant hiding behind the momma?

At one point we had to stop because the Rhino's were in the road.  For about 5 minutes they didn't want to move at all!


The animals get amazing close the jeep.  I thought they'd stay away if they could.

This guy wasn't that close, by my zoom was helpful!

Everest was neat and the roller coaster was different that anything I'd been on.  You go forwards, backwards and then forward again!

We ended the day being able to just squeak into the Lion King show.  Just barely making the last show.  It was definitely worth the run across the park to make it!

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Jayna said...

The Everest ride completely freaked Lydia out.

And we were able to squeak into the last Lion King show as well. We were getting tired and Bekah was starting to run a it worked perfectly.