Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ashley & Fletch's Wedding

Later in August we also got the chance to drive to IOWA.  I know it was a thrilling drive through the cornfields but one of Darren's friend's was getting married in a small town called Pella.  Also know for their windows and is home of Pella Glass.

We drove the convertible and it was a beautiful day not too hot!  The sunset on the road was amazing.

The wedding was held in the town's small Opera House.  The setting was absolutely adorable.  And the lighting was cool too.

The look so happy!!

Darren's friend's Jamie and Nadia where there with their daughter Morgan.  I've never seen a two year old exude cool!  She was hamming it up for the camera for sure!  Here she is hanging with Brita.

And with dad!

And me.

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Jayna said...

The wedding is beautiful and that little girl is too adorable!