Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 14 - Ayutthaya - Part 1

Ayutthaya was one of the former capitals of Thailand before Bangkok.  Our first stop there was the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace.  The grounds were much smaller than the grounds of the Chinese summer palace we visited but just as beautiful.

Some of the other buildings on the grounds.

While walking around we walked past this guy.  He was about 5 feet long and walked like a snake.

This is the Sages' Lookout.  I had to borrow a sari to visit the grounds so I was "respectfully" dressed.

Our next stop was the Ayutthaya Historical Park which included the Wat Mahathat which is now in ruins.

Many of the towers are leaning due to the ground sinking but it quite good shape for being about 700 years old!


The temple has two large Buddha statutes that have survived all of these years.

One of the most famous Buddha's is this one where tree roots have grown around its head.

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