Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 12 - Beijing

Since our tour ended the evening before and our flight wasn't until the late afternoon, we decided to explore Beijing a little more.

Our first stop was the Temple of Heaven which was built during the Ming dynasty.  At the temple, the emperor would make sacrifices and pray to his ancestors for a good harvest.


There were no other big highlights of the city that our tour skipped so we decided to go spend some more time at the zoo.  It seemed like they had babies abound.


You can get much closer to animals in China than you can in the US.  People were petting and even feeding the zebras from food they brought from home.

Also at the hippo pond people were making them open their mouths by pretending to feed them leaves from the bushes.

There was even this horse type animal that I thought was going to climb the rock wall to get to his horsey friend neighbor.

 On the way to the airport we encountered the worst smog we had all trip!

 With that our 12 days in China came to an end and adventures in Thailand were next.

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