Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers is just a really neat place.  This hut marks the entrance to the swamp where they film the scenes outside of Lavon's house on Hart of Dixie.  It was closed so we couldn't go back and check it out.

Speaking of Hart of Dixie this is the gazebo that goes in the town square. Since the town square was set up for Rosewood, Pennsylvania from Pretty Little Liars the gazebo was in an out lot.

A few of the houses they use for outdoor shots.

This is the house used at Zoe and Brick's doctor's office on Hart of Dixie.  They only use this for outdoor shots, not the indoor ones.

Here is the Rosewood City hall and the literally on the left side of this building which is the same brick and style is the Rosewood High School.  Both from Pretty Little Liars.


This scene is neat. They build these "EL" tracks on the lot for ER which filmed all its episodes on the lot.  The left is the ambulance bay where they had a basketball hoop that Doug Ross (George Clooney) played during the show.

And then when the hospital got remodeled, it was this building which is the main management building on the lot.


Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

Warner Brothers water tower.

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Jayna said...

So I'm curious: Are those real buildings, or just facade fronts to use for the shots?