Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Las Vegas

Last month we were able to finally take a vacation with Michelle and Jason.  We had been trying for a number of years but couldn't get the schedules to work out.  They were going to Vegas for a long weekend and we were able to get vacation that week and meet them. 

We stayed at the Mirage which had a very beautiful pool.  Too bad at 105+ it was too hot to stay there for longer than a couple hours!


We visited one hotel none of us had ever been to the Rio!


This is the view from the Rio's parking garage.  Amazing view of the back side of the strip!

Darren really liked gambling at the Luxor since they had $5 table games all day! :) I liked it because when he lost, he lost less at a time!

We also spent some time at New York New York.

A few other pictures from the trip.


Sarah said...

Looks like you guys had a good time!

Jayna said...

So Darren lost, huh? LOL

And it totally looks like your BIL has a mohawk in one of those pictures!!