Monday, August 26, 2013

Tim & Kristin's Wedding

Over July 4th weekend our friends Tim & Kristin got married in Chicago.  She is Greek and they were married in a Greek Orthodox church.  I was amazed by the mosaics in this place.  It is hard to tell but this wall art is all mosaic!

As is this picture of Jesus on the ceiling.

We got to spend the weekend with Alex and Anna as well who we hadn't seen since our own wedding.

The front of the church.  All of that blue, all mosaic!

Husband & wife.

The cake was beautiful.

Alex and Darren really miss each other.  Darren showing some affection to Alex who is really enjoying it!

It was also Anna's birthday.  To celebrate we put a candle in her drink.  We had already eaten the cake!

Tim with Darren and Alex.

Anna and I hanging out together.

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