Monday, August 19, 2013

Indy 500

Again I am three months behind blogging, how does this even happen!!  Anyways, we couldn't leave Indianapolis next year without going to the famous Indy 500!  I was a little weary and thought it wasn't going to that fun but I was surprised by just how much fun we had! This is what we saw walking into the racetrack.

Darren and I went with Saurabh and his brother who chose his time to visit Indy based on the date of the 500!

I insisted on seats instead of being int he infield.  I'm glad I did because we really enjoyed our view.  We could see turn 3 and 4 and were sitting along the short shoot between the two turns.

The day is full of ceremony.  Here are some of the drivers getting announced before the race started.

The pace cars drive around the track prior to being the official pace care of the race.

A bunch of people from the Boston Marathon who were not able to finish the race due to the bombing were allowed to finish by running down the track to the finish line.  It was a neat scene.

A bunch of balloons let off before the race. 

The pre-race flyover.

The line-up prior to the green flag.

And the race starts!

It's amazing just how fast the cars go, they really are just a blur going by!

Sarah was just a few sections away from us so I stopped by to say hello.

Erin and Ben sat with us as well during the race.

A few post race photos.