Thursday, July 11, 2013


After Asheville we headed west into Tennessee and to Gatlinburg.  That morning before it got too warm we decided to take a waterfall hike.  The hike was a bit steeper than I was expecting but the views were distracting and pretty.

At the end we reached the waterfall.

The view back down.

On the way up we had heard someone had spotted a bear but we could not see it.  On the way back down we saw not one but two bears.  This black blob is the bear.  He was hard to photograph!

 Once back on the auto portion of the trail we pulled off at this pretty brook.

After our drive we went into Gatlinburg.  Darren wanted to take the ski lift to the top to see the view.

It was pretty but not worth the cost of the ski lift tickets.

Enjoying the ski lift on the way back down.

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Jayna said...

We love Gatlinburg and have been several times. Went there on our honeymoon, actually. =)

We've never done the ski lift, though. Good to know it's not worth the money.