Monday, March 4, 2013

Christmas in Kentucky

On Christmas Eve, with Darren in the midst of the stomach flu, we drove to Hopkinsville.  So gald to be with my family.

Mom's tree.

Steven getting some new art for his apartment.  UK, Bourbon and Keeneland, three of Steven's favorite things!

Darren getting another piece of autographed memorabilia!

The whole family picture and not a single one of us was missing.  Who knows if that will ever happen again.  And we even got Taylor to look at the camera!

Mom found a surprise in her package from Frank, the ugly ornament from the ugly ornament contest he couldn't find.  We all thought it was pretty cute.

Taylor's favorite thing to do was climb on the gifts.  Pictures don't do her adorableness justice!

Jerry excited to get an adjustable rake!

My aunt made these super cute penguin appetizers!

And I had an awesome Christmas and birthday.  My newest toy.  Can't wait to spend some time learning to take great pictures with it!

But another sentimental ornament from my mom.  Our First Christmas.  It was a success I'd say! :)

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