Tuesday, February 19, 2013

St Lucia - Tuesday's Tour

After the wedding Monday we wanted everyone to be able to get out off the hotel property and see a bit of beautiful St. Lucia.  When we were in St. Lucia the first time, we took a tour with Cosol and loved it so much we wanted our friends and family to enjoy it too.

Cosol and his guys picked us up bright and early at the hotel.  There were places to go and sights to see.

This is the Governor's mansion.

Enjoying the beautiful sites and warm weather.

Trying the "local" and very strong spiced rum.

It was so bright taking a good picture in the shade was difficult!

Everywhere you turn, the views were spectacular.

We stopped on the side of the road and had some photo ops with a really big snake. Only $1/each! :)

Pantilla was terrified of the snake.

On our way to the beach!

St. Lucia's famous pitons!

The beach, between the pitons.

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Jayna said...

The snake pics are totally cool! I would've totally paid a dollar for that!