Monday, February 25, 2013

Ashish & Elite's Wedding

A couple weeks after we got back from our own wedding we had another wedding to go to.  This time for Ashish and Elite, friends of Darren's from residency. They got married outside of Detroit so a quick trip up the road. 

Their Sangeet, similar to a rehersal dinner was in the center of the Henry Ford museum.  Notice the airplane over their heads, it is huge.  A very neat place for a party!

After the Sangeet we met back up at the hotel.  Their special was apple cidar martini's.  They were incredibly tasty!

Ashish is Indian and Elite is Jewish so they had two weddings and one reception on the Saturday.  The morning started early with the Baraat.  Ashish made his grand entrance on a white horse with all his family and friends were dancing in his honor. 

The ceremony was beautifully decorated. 

Ashish arriving with his mom and sister.

Elite arriving her with parents.  She looked stunning!

Their departure.  They raised their hands at exactly the wrong moment!

The flowers were beautiful even a couple shaped like elephants.

Later in the day was the Jewish ceremony.  Ashish arriving with his parents.

The incredibly adorable flower girl

Elite descending the stairs with her parents look spectacular again.

They used the flowers from the morning but the flower balls were gorgeous!

Saying their I do's.

Married, again!

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Jayna said...

Wow! I didn't think they could get more beautiful than the Indian wedding, but the Jewish wedding was just as stunning!