Monday, November 26, 2012

St Lucia - Wednesday-Saturday

We arrived in St Lucia on Wednesday afternoon.  They had decorated our room with swans and tons of flowers.

The first night was a bit overcast but the temperature was great hot but not terribly sweltering.  That would change. :)

Thursday and Friday we were on our own to relax.  On Friday evening Dan and Pantila arrived.  On Saturday we went into Rodney Bay to pick up a few items as well as have lunch off the resort.  We ate at Chef Xavier's which was excellent! It was so sunny it was hard to get good pictures!


On Saturday most everyone else arrived including Darren and Michelle's 90 year old grandmother who made the trip from Ohio. 

That night the show was fire "eaters" and a limbo/dance contest.

Adam got up and did the limbo contest. I'll try to post the video because it was hysterical! Adam is on the far right next to the shirtless guy.

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