Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bachelorette Party

The night after the shower we decided to have a small bachelorette party.  Elizabeth missed the original one at Disney due to the impending arrival of baby Annika so she wanted a chance to celebrate with me too. :)

With Elizabeth and Emily.

Most of the group before we went out.  Elizabeth, Marlene,Michelle, me, Mom, Emily and Lynn.

We started with Dinner at Sambuca where Sarah joined the party.

After dinner we decided to visit our friend Adam's new condo.  He'd had it almost a year but none of us had been to Nashville since he moved in.  We LOVED it!

Jon also joined us that night.  Hadn't seen him in forever either.  Glad he could make it out with us.

Our plan was to stay at Adam's for about 30 minutes then head out.  We had so much fun hanging out we ended up staying almost 3 hours!  We had quite a bit of wine and shots of fireball.  At this point I got a bit camera happy. :)

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