Monday, June 18, 2012

The Gold & Silver Pawn Store

We are definitely fans of the History Channel show, Pawn Stars.  We'd be talking about going to make our pilgrimage to the store for a long time but hadn't been to Vegas since we started watching the show.

All in all we were a bit disappointed because it was so much smaller than we expected and a large portion was devoted to memorabilia from the show such has this car hood.

The store seems so much bigger the way the cut the footage on TV.

This is what Darren was most interested in looking at was the Superbowl and other championship rings.  There wasn't a Bears one though. :)

This car was out in the lot, maybe it will be on the show someday! We did get to be extras in a shot they filmed for an old car, but this wasn't the one referenced.  Stay tuned, maybe we'll be on TV!

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