Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eating through Vegas - Spago

One of the things we enjoy most about Vegas is the food.  After we met Dick Butkus we decided to eat in Caesars.  We passed Spago by Wolfgang Puck who was advertising a tasting menu.  We decided what better way to taste all of the food on a menu than order a tasting menu!

Well I got started late on the picture taking but the first course was a trio and included one of our favorite bits of food the entire meal.  The trio included a melon salad and the most tasty mini kobe beef slider. It was a couple of most delish bites I have ever eaten! The problem with blogging so far after the fact you forget the details and I cannot for the life of me remember what the third item of the trio was!!

This next course was incredibly inventive. It was ahi tuna three ways two of which are shown in the following pictures.  For two of the bites they were held in these igloos.  A hallow ice dome, I had not seen presentation in person so neat.  The tuna was awesome.  I was hoping Darren would reject raw fish and I could get more. :)  You can see the detail of the two bites in the dome in the second picture.

The third appetizer course was a duo of asparagus.  The first was an asparagus salad with green and white variaties and the second was a tea cup full of cream of asparagus soup. It inspired and attempt to make a similar soup and it wasn't quite as good as Spago's!

After three appetizer courses, we finally got into the heart of the meal.  Our first course, which I neglected to get a picture of, was a homemade pasta was an egg in it. It sounds terrible but it was so tasty and rich. You couldn't eat a whole plate so a tasting portion was the perfect amount. 

The second entree course was sea bass over a turnip puree with chipolini onions.  Amazing.

The final main course was probably Darren's favorite.  It was filet sliced and served over asparagus and smashed potatoes with a balsamic reduction.  That bone is real and contained marrow which is just a rich tasting fat.  Neither of us use much of it but I can see why some like it.  The dish minus the marrow was still excellent. 

There was an intermezzo served before dinner.  It was the most simple dish and I again did not photograph it.  It was a simple lemon sorbet served with frozen grapes and blueberries. Simple but incredible. 

The last course I will also have to figure out how to make at home, maybe in one of my Friday night marathon cooking sessions.  It was a banana bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream.  Incredible dessert to cap off the outstanding 8 courses!!  Would love to go to Spago again as they rotate their tasting menus with the seasons!

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