Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NFL Hall of Fame

Darren's request in our road trip was to hit the NFL Hall of Fame and I have to say it was a really neat place for anyone who loves football.

They had a lot of neat bears memorabilia.

And all those in the Hall had their bust in bronze.  The coach of course.

This was Cutler's jersey from the Bear's 700 win in history, the most among all teams. Also in the display were items worn that day by Peppers, Urlacher, Hester and Forte.

Refrigerator Perry's size 23 Super Bowl Ring.  It was the largest ever made.  That is Darren's finger to give you an idea of size.

The Bear's Superbowl ring.

The next day, while still in Cleveland we got to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Too bad they didn't allow pictures

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Jayna said...

That's stupid not to allow pictures. I say, boycott that place!