Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bryan & Carolyn Are Getting Married!

But first they have to find a place to have a wedding! 

Bryan and Carolyn came up for Labor Day weekend to look for wedding venues and Darren and I got to spend the evening with them.  First we started off with dinner at an East Nashville place called Batter'd and Fried.  It was tasty but a little too heavy for a regular meal! I have the fish basket with clam strips and shrimp.  LOVE some clam strips! :)

After dinner we rotated through Nashville's typical haunts giving Caryoln a lay of the land.  We had drinks at Rippy's, the Stage, Tootsies and Legends.  What a fun night!

We had a big group for once.  Adam and Kristie joined us.

And even my cousin Heather and her boyfriend Marc stopped by for a couple minutes just to say hi!

We should really have nights like this more often!

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