Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sorry to be so MIA! The last week or so has been pretty busy with life in Nashville!  Darren had his first long stint of not working at his new job so he came down to spend and extended.  Last weekend was pretty low key since we didn't have much in the way of plans. 

Elizabeth was driving back to Dallas from the lake so we spent Friday night with her.  A few pictures from our dinner at Ted's which included me, Darren, Mickey, Cheryl, Dan, Mary and Emily, Adam, Elizabeth, Claire and Laura.

And as we've learned, giving Adam the camera is NEVER a good idea!

In other news from the last week, Laura & Eric have moved back to Nashville!!  I'm so glad to have them back in the same city with me!  It's been 5 years too long!!  I'm sure there will be lots of pictures of Madeline when I start taking some! :)

Also in the last week I've made it to 2 new restaurants in town.  On Tuesday Darren and I drove down to Nolesnville, TN to eat at Martin's BBQ which was featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-in's and Dives..  I had the redneck taco which was cornbread, bbq pork, cole slaw and bbq sauce, yum!  Then on Thursday, my coworker John recommended  that Emily, Jon and I should try Wild Wasabi in Cummins Station.  They had so many different specialty rolls which were huge and everything we had was really good!  Now only about 50 to go before I leave Nashville! :)

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