Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pure Domination

I mentioned we played Spades on New Years Eve.  What I neglected to mention was the pure domination that occurred by Erin and me over Darren and TJ.  Erin and I won -405 to 508... a WHOPPING 913 points in a game to played to 500!   I didn't even know that was possible!!  Next time I need a Spades partner, I'll have to remember to shout "I'm with Erin!"


Jon Thompson said...

OH... So did not know you were a big Spades fan... We are so gonna have to start a tradition on cooking night if I can get a 4th person there!

Stephanie said...

We used to play spades like it was our job. If I'm going to play with you, you had better be good!! :-D