Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Christmas in Pictures

During Christmas I get a little photo happy since it is the one time during the year we all are usually able to spend a lot of time together.  We eat many meals and open enumerable amounts of presents at Kathy & Jerry's house.  It is such a real treat to spend time with those I hold so dear.

Kathy and Grannie.

All of the crazy cousins not looking at the camera!

My parents with my brother and me.

Meagan, Lindsey and Whitnie looking cute as ever. =)

Has my brother grown again?  He looks like a giant!  Oh wait, I'm just wearing flats...

This girl can drive... Watch out world!

And this one came into our lives at 2 and she gets cuter every year... But she is really getting too big to pick up like this!

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