Monday, December 9, 2013

London! - Churchill War Rooms

Wow it has been a really busy 6 weeks or so!  Sorry I haven't been back on blog in awhile.  Catching up with work, preparing for Christmas and busy season!

Well what started off the craziness was that Darren and I were able to take a trip to London at the end of October.  We left late on Friday night arriving in London around lunchtime.  By the time we got through customs, got our luggage and got to the hotel it was mid afternoon and we had a few hours to do something before crashing!

We tried to go to Parliament but it was already sold out for the day so we walked to the nearby Churchill War Rooms.

This bunker was used by Churchill and his command during World War II.  This room was the main meeting room where strategy for the Allies and the British was determined.

This room was Mrs. Churchill's bedroom on the rare occassion she stayed in the bunker.

This was called the "map" room, another room where strategy was discussed.

This was the kitchen used to prepare meals for the Chrurchill's when they were in the bunker.

This was Churchill's bedroom for when he stayed in the bunker.  It was also his private office for receiving visitors and making private phone calls.  He often napped here taking short power naps.

This was the door from #10 Downing Street when Churchill was Prime Minister of Great Britian.

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Jayna said...

This is super cool! I love the history of it all!