Friday, October 4, 2013


Since it was sold cold our last day in LA we decided to instead go to the California Science Center to check out the Endeavor.  We got there a bit early and the museum is right next to the LA Memorial Coliseum where they held the Olympics, where the LA Raiders used to play and where the USC Trojans currently play.


The wheels from Endeavor.

The view from Endeavor from the entrance from its temporary home until the new space center is built.

The underbelly of the space shuttle with the heat resistant tiles. Apparently the ties are very fragile and will basically shatter when touched.

The backside of Endeavor

The space shuttle was much smaller than I anticipated.  Also I figured we'd get to see inside of it but apparently there are no plans for that.

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Jayna said...

When did you go to LA that it was so cold? And why was it cold? (I know you went recently, but I'm not sure how far behind your blog posts are! Ha!)