Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Dad's Birthday Weekend

The weekend in between my Dad's birthday and Father's Day, mom and dad came up for the weekend.  We spent the day at the art fair. I'll have to share our purchases at a later date, when I get around to taking pictures of them and framing some as well.

Since mom and dad didn't have much on their list for Mother's Day or Father's Day, plus in honor of my dad's birthday, we decided to do dinner at a nice restaurant, Harry & Izzy's. Mom and I decided to split a steak and ended up with a bone-in ribeye.  It came with this gigantic bone! Steven convinced mom to gnaw on it and I snapped this picture. 

No birthday is complete without dessert with a candle in it.  Steven chose, vanilla bean creme brulee.

Always happy to get some updated family pictures.

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Jayna said...

Your parents are so awesome! Love the new family pic!