Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 5 - The Lesser Three Gorges

During the morning we took a small boat through the lesser three gorges.  Everything was so pretty and green.

The ride was on these really neat boats.

One interesting thing we saw on the ride was a couple hanging coffins.  In that hole on the moutainside is a coffin that has been there between 2000-3000 years.  It is a mystery as to how they got there and why they were put there.

We were able to take a Sampan ride deeper into the gorges.  We had a few farmers serenading us.  We learned that the tour companies pay them the equalivalent of about $90 a month to entertain the tourists which they use to supplement their income. 

In the afternoon we took a tour of the White Emperor Castle at the top of the mountain.  Before the reservoir was created, it used to be almost 1,000 stairs to the top of the mountain.  Now it is only 300.  The castle was built for the White Emperor who was not actually an emperor and was eventually killed because of this.

 In case you didn't want to walk up or down those stairs they had these chair carriers that would take care of you.

The Yangtze River is just so immense.  It is amazing that one out of ever 15 people in the WORLD live along its banks!

A better picture of our cruise ship.

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Jayna said...

And just how did someone discover those were coffins way up there? Totally weird.

And I didn't know you were serenaded! Ha ha!