Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting Back At It!

Ok I've been MIA for almost 2 months now and so much has happened!!

May 4-28:  We went to Asia.  We spent 12 days in China, 5 days in Thailand and 3 days in Hong Kong. All different but amazing.  Way more on that to come in tons of blog posts later! 

May 21: While in Thailand, Darren proposed!  Yay we are now engaged! No idea of wedding date or plans yet.  Those details will be decided hopefully sooner as opposed to later.

June 2: After Asia, I pulled off my second 30th birthday surprise of 2011.  I showed up for lunch with Elizabeth on her birthday completely surprising her and getting to go to her party that night too.

June 3-8: From Atlanta, Darren and I met in Buffalo for Jay & Lisa's wedding.  While were up there, I couldn't miss out on taking Darren to Niagara falls for the first time.  We also made side trips to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

June 10-12: My last weekend in Nashville.  Sarah, Jon and I made a farewell trip to the Stage, I had my first of two going away parties and I got to see Sarah's husband, Brice, play downtown during CMA Fest with Mark Wills.

June 13: The movers came and took all my belongings away! I also got hit by a dumb kid in a parking lot which has made things more complicated! That night was also my ast hurrah and going away party at Cabana.

June 14: Drove to Indy.

June 15: Movers dropped both mine and Darren's loads and my mom surprised me to help move in!

June 20-26: Spent the week in Chicago working at Darren's dad's house.

June 27-July 1: Lots of unpacking was done.

June 28-30: Darren started orientation at Indiana.

July 1: Darren started work officially.

July 1-4: My parents spent the weekend with us.  Our first overnight guests!

July 2: Erin & TJ joined us for the night and Erin's parents came down for dinner.  Mom helped me throw my first dinner party at our new place.

July 4: Fireworks and the unpacking is ALMOST done!

Thankfully the busyness is almost over because starting on July 11, next Monday, I start my new, old job... Back to public accounting and back to Crowe.  Let the fun and games begin!

Hopefully soon my regular posting will resume.  I've missed writing these last couple months and glad to be back in the saddle again.

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Jayna said...

It's about time you got back on here, lady!! Welcome back!!

Now we need PICTURES!!!!!!!