Friday, April 29, 2011

Goodbye CHS

Well today is it.  The first big step in the next big adventure of my life! Today ends the 3 years 3 weeks and 1 day I have spent at CHS.  I will miss a lot of things about this job, the hours, the work and most importantly the people. 

My first week at CHS I was placed in a "semi-private" office next to Jayna.  One of the first days she was there, she had a fight with a good friend.  I went over to check on her and gave her a hug, the first of many.  From that day forward we became fast friends.  We both loved to scrapbook and Jayna turned me on to genealogy with her enthusiasm for finding out her family's past.  Now I feel like an honorary member of her family and love hearing about her husband's travels and all about her girls.

Sarah and I also became good friends very quickly.  She was so welcoming to me and helped me whenever I had a question.  She had only been at CHS about 4 months but had a handle on what was going on in the department.  She gave me the inside scoop on everyone and always invited me to lunch.  To me lunch at a new company is always the most stressful time.  Do you go out, should you stay in and work, do I invite people to go or do I keep to myself.  She alleviated that stress right away.  She was also studying for the CPA exam at the same time I was and it was great to have someone to go through the process with.  Fortunately in 2009 we both took care of business and knocked out that crazy test!

Sarah and Jayna - I'll miss you guys so so so much!  You've made coming to work everyday fun.  I couldn't have asked for better coworkers or friends the last 3 years!



Sarah said...

Ah thanks! It has been great working with you and becoming such close friends. I am sad to see you go but I also know that you will be happy being with Darren. I wish you all the luck in your new endeavor. I can't wait to come visit you in Indy!

Jayna said...

*Sigh* I'm about to cry here. Wow.

Still in denial that you're leaving. =(

It's been so great working with you and I count myself blessed to call you my friend. Good luck with your new life in IN.

I know we'll still see you before you go...but it's so sad you won't be there at work for me to spill all the drama to!