Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little sad this week.... My house went on the market and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.  It was my first house and it has been an awesome 5.5 years here.  This house was the first "big" thing i did out on my own, as a real adult.  When I moved in this house was empty, literally.  I had so little furniture!  And now it is full of memories.

I know (finally) being in the same city with Darren will be great and I'm sure life in Indy will be fine.  I'm sure I will make great friends in time.  It's just that life in Nashville is comfortable and I don't do uncomfortable well.  And selling my house, moving to a new house, living with Darren, moving to a new city I know so little about, making new friends and finding and starting a new job are all big things and tackling them all at the same time is very scary.  I'm just hopeful everything will line up the way it should and we can start fresh the right way.

Thanks for listening to a piece of what's on my mind.

House Listing.


Jayna said...

You'll find the right job! Hang in there and be selective! They will be lucky to get you!!

Sarah said...

It is hard to believe that your move is in just a few short months. I know you will love Indy and will love being with Darren. You will definitely be missed here in Nashville!

Jenny said...

I'm happy to know others feel that way about their first places too! We had already been married a year when we sold my single lady townhouse, but I cried when I locked it for the last time. Best of luck in your new adventures! :)