Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wine Tasting - Day 1

After our jaunt out to Tahoe, Darren and I set out on our own adventure up to Napa for a couple days of relaxing.  Too bad we were so busy wine tasting and eating, we didn't get that much relaxing done though!

We started off the day at Domaine Chandon tasting their sparkling wines.  While we were there, we were directed towards Jessup Cellars.  Of all the wines we tasted during our trip to Napa, these were our favorite. The wine tasting was the fanciest of the 8 tastings we did as well as being free!  This started the downhill trek towards me having far too much to drink on our first day since they let us taste 9 wines!!

Following Jessup, we headed to Jarvis, a winery I had been to before.  It is the only winery in Napa where once the grapes are picked from the vines, they do not leave the cave until they are ready to be sold.  So the whole process of mashing the grapes, making the wine, aging the wine and then bottling the wine is all done inside this cave.

The process starts in these huge casks.

The cave had its own waterfall fed by a spring.

The Jarvis' family collects large crystals many of them Amethyst.  What you can't tell in the scale of this picture is those larger crystals are as tall as I am!

The barrels of wine.  Each barrel holds about 300 bottles of wine.

After leaving Jarvis, we headed to O'Brien Estate Winery.  Their wines all had a neat theme based on the romance of the owners of the winery.  While we were there, we actually met the owner, Bart.

From this point the rest of the afternoon gets funny. Because I think around this time, I took this picture.

I know the last two winery's we went to were Trefethen and Hill. I remember enjoying many of the wines because we bought 5 bottles, so I'm eager to try them again.

After sobering up, we ended the night with dinner at Bottega, Michael Chiarello's restaurant.  In one word, the food was absolutely amazing.  Definitely in the top 5 restaurants I've eaten at.  

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Jayna said...

The winery in the cave is really neat!