Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lawry's Prime Rib

The weekend after we got home from Europe we had to turn around and head up to Chicago for one of Darren's med school friend's wedding.  Bryan and Kelly had their rehearsal dinner at Lawry's.  I had always wanted to go but had never had the chance! 

I got in about 7:30 and the dinner started at 8, but even with my late flight, I hopped in a cab and didn't miss too much of dinner! It was excellent, so glad I got to have really good prime rib.  I never thought I liked it but if prepared right, I really do! 

A few pictures I hijacked from Facebook! First Darren with Bryan and Kevin.

Bryan, Kelly, me, Darren, Kevin and Beth.

After the rehearsal dinner everyone went to hang out at a bar for a bit.  This is the Loyola crew - Darren, Jamie, Bryan, Dan, Kevin and Kelly's twin sister Darby.

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