Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lions and Tigers and GATORs, Oh my!

Also on Sunday afternoon we took a fan boat ride up the Bayou in search of the very unfriendly American alligator.   This was Darren's suggestion and it was a fantastic time.  We were out on the water and the weather was amazing! Check out our amazing headgear!

And we saw gators!  We were very fortunate because they have just started coming out of hibernation.  Yes they hibernate like bears, but underwater!

Our captain started feeding them.  This is one going for a marshmallow and then the second one is one going for a chicken leg.  He had the second one jump out of the water to get the chicken leg.  Gators can jump 3/4 of their body length out of water!!

At the end of the tour, the guide brought out his 7 year old daughters pet gator named marshmallow.  She told her daddy when she named it that she knew gators lived in marches and she knew they like marshmallows but that her gator was the mellowest gator she had ever seen and the name stuck. :)

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Jayna said...

That looks a bit scary!!