Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A couple years ago I became interested in my family's genealogy.  Maybe it was because there are getting to be fewer and fewer older people in my family who remember it, I felt the need to document things before that information is lost.  This weekend Grannie and I sat down with a few boxes of old pictures.  Here are some of the highlights of what I found.

Grannie and my grandfather, James Thurman Carroll, who died 55 years ago back around the time they got married.

This is Grannie's mother Hallie Freeman DeGeorge and her father Frank DeGeorge, so my great grandmother and grandfater.


And them together with Grannie and my grandfather while holding my aunt Kathy.

This is my great great grandmother Josephine Ferguson Freeman.

 This is Grannie right after she was born with her sister Francis Lucille.

This is my great grandmother with Hallie standing in front of the store owned by my great grandfather.  They actually met because she was his employee at the store.

This is my grandfather James Thurman Carroll with his mother Vernia Lillian Krantz Carroll.

These last two pictures we believe are from Italy.  The first is my great grandfather's brother Sam DeGeorge (DiGiorgio) and sister-in-law Rosa Tamburo DeGeorge (DiGiorgio).  The second is at the wedding of my great grandfather's brother John DeGeorge (DiGiorgio) to Clara St. Charles DeGeorge (DiGiorgio).

Lastly I found the bills from the hospital that Grannie kept when she had my mom, and aunts Kathy and Joy.  Just to show you how much medical bills have increased, it cost $60.95 at the hospital when my mom was born.  Isn't that insane!!

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